Finally, it was time she started becoming accustomed to being in the real world again, dealing with other people’s eating habits, etc. etc. I began to eat in front of her again. Mind you, my eating habits aren’t that bad – but there were LOTS of foods (even bread) she could no longer eat. She didn’t like that, so she started making herself get sick.

After all of that – she wanted it reversed. Thank goodness she didn’t have her insides completley rerouted! (which was the other option) She continued to make herself sick until she got to the point where she was dehydrated. They flew her back out to TX and undone everything they had tried to help her with. And her insurance paid for that as well.

She told me she was making herself get sick because she couldn’t eat the way she did before.

And her insurance paid for it.

THAT is where I’m seeing the problem. A serious surgery like that should be reserved for those who WANT to change their life and NEED it. If people like her can get away with things like that, it’s going to ruin it for the one’s that really DO need the surgery.

I worked with another lady who had the same surgery, and she did spectacular with the program. And I really think that there are genuine people out there that could utilize this method, so long as it does help them.

There needs to be a serious psychological evaluation, etc before the procedure takes place.

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