Teeth are essential parts of our bodies. Our teeth are essential to digestion, so it’s essential to look after your teeth.

Following are some essential tips for taking care of your teeth: Teeth are a vital body part. Our teeth as essential for digestion. Conscientious oral hygiene is essential.

1) Chewable Vitamin C tablets are acidic and can harm teeth. Don’t use lemon juice as a way of whitening teeth as the Vitamin C will harm the calcium in the tooth enamel.

2) Breastfeeding for a prolonged period of time with short feedings provided every few minutes can also lead to tooth decay for children.

3) Wear a mouth guard when playing sports.

4) On very hot days, less saliva is produced and people should not consume foods that contain sugars that can lodge in the teeth.

5) Talk to your dentist about options that can help improve the look of teeth that are chipped or discolored.

6) Brush and floss after eating. Use an appropriate toothbrush as well as correct brushing and flossing methods.

7) See the dentist regularly. Periodontal disease is common in adults and seniors. The dentist can remove plaque from teeth to reduce the amount of bacteria, which goes a long way to preventing tooth decay and periodontal disease.

8) Avoid chewing on rigid objects that could chip or break a tooth.

9) Always use milk on your cereal, because eating it dry is terrible for your teeth.

10) When babies develop their first teeth, it is important that they be allowed to eat foods that encourage mastication. Toddlers and children should be supervised and guided in proper teeth cleaning.

11) Drinking coffee or tea regularly with added sugar will increase the possibility of tooth decay.

12) Eat a balanced diet of whole grains and cereals, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat and proteins as well as healthy snacks.

13) Never ignore bleeding gums or changes in teeth positions when you bite.

14) Avoid the use of tobacco products, which can yellow teeth, and increase the risk of gingivitis and cancers of the jaws, throat and tongue.