There is no such thing as a trick or gimmick that will suddenly make you a brilliant writer or artist.

“There is no golden road to geometry,” to quote a mis-quote attributed to Aristotle. There are many con artists selling the equivalent of get-rich-quick scheme, which may be called a “get-creative-quick” scheme.

Here are some methods of supposedly enhancing creativity in different contexts, with different likelihood’s of success:

Painters sometimes use a method called stream-of-consciousness painting. This may involve playing classical instrumental music in the background, standing in front of the canvas, and just trying to “paint the music.” You just move your hand in time with music, and let it flow through you. You don’t plan what you’re going to do.

You end up with something probably indistinguishable from abstract paintings hanging in museums. You don’t have to be a painter to do this either. Anyone can do it to relax.

Writers can also experiment with stream-of-consciousness writing. The writer simply hunches over the paper and writes down whatever pops into the mind at that instant.