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Christ-Like. Part 2

An integral theme throughout Christ-Like is the intense bond between an abused mother and her young son who’s forced to witness the beatings but helpless to stop them. He hates her for the addiction she has to the taste of her own blood, hates the man for causing the pain, and hates himself because he […]

Treating Ruptured Cervical Disc

Q.Short of surgery, what can be done with ruptured disks in the neck? Symptoms include weakness in both arms (more so on left side), tingling down arms into hands and fingers, swelling on the back of neck, muscle spasms, and pain in the neck, shoulders and arms.


Circumcision is done in the hospital, usually on the second or third day of life. Parental permission in writing is required. In some religions, circumcision is done at home by a person trained in the ritual. There has developed some controversy about this procedure and the relative risks/benefits vs. “fashionable nature” of it. In urban […]

Exercising the Obliques

Are you familiar with the oblique muscles? The obliques are located at the sides of the waist — just where many of us carry a spare tire. The internal and external obliques work together to help you twist, turn and bend to the side. Here are some exercises to help you work your oblique muscles […]