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Jim’s Journal: Week 4. Part 1

Hey guys, Things are going great! My weight dropped a bit more and my clothes are definitely looser. I had several people notice that I am losing weight. Of course some people think I am getting too thin, but I still have a lot of fat to deal with. I did a body fat analysis […]

Mark’s Journal: Week Four. Part 1

Dear Sharon and Armand, I weighed in at 196 for the week, down 1 pound. I always weigh on Friday mornings as I start my food and exercise log on Friday. I find that my weight is the lowest as soon as I get up before I dress. I did get some pretty good exercise […]

Choosing a Gym. Part 1

At any given time there are probably hundreds of thousands of people thinking about joining a gym or health club. It may be New Year’s resolution time, summer and swimsuit season is coming time, or even ‘I’ve just got to get in shape’ time. For most people, a gym membership is a good thing.