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Lifestyle and mood: Can they all be good days? Part 2

Food and mood You probably know people who seem to do fine on a junk-food diet, or sail through the day on only two food groups. Others find themselves extremely sensitive to the composition of their diet. Carbohydrates put them to sleep, sugar knocks them out, too much time between meals sends them into a […]

Students Eating Too Fast

Q.I’m doing research for a project at school. My topic is about lunch periods at my school being so short that kids have to “inhale” their food. What does eating too fast do to you? Can it make you sick?

Ask the Expert Golf Post 3

I was not thinking about anything mechanical, just visualizing the ball going in the hole! PGA professionals often express this state of mind as “being in the zone”. Before every round of golf, recite, “I’m good enough, smart enough, and dog-gone-it people like me.” The Powers of positive thinking can do wonders to your golf […]

A Tennis Player’s Diet for Maximum Energy

Inadequate energy can cause an athlete’s performance to suffer: Precision and power declines, speed and strength diminish and the athlete fatigues more rapidly. Inadequate calories, unbalanced and infrequent eating episodes, and less-than-optimal fluid intake can contribute to a lack of energy.