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Multiple Profit Centers

As owners, we are operating in an era of intense competition, where member prices are insanely low — often below membership prices charged in the early ’80s. Today’s market is also negatively influenced by large chains with a gas station mentality that have declared a price war using prices artificially supported by speculative money from […]

Looking for a Leader

A Pilates-based program, as with many other club programs, will most likely succeed or fail based on its instructors. Enthusiasm, hands-on training and varied experience are key factors to keep in mind when you’re searching for an instructor. It is not critical for instructors to be intimately familiar with the commercial club environment. Although you […]

Play Winning Golf

Golf is the only game in which the player spends 95 percent of his time thinking and 5 percent of his time performing. These percentages make it easy to concentrate on things that do not enhance performance: the last shot, the upcoming shot, the hole to be played later or worse, things unrelated to golf. […]