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Briefly Noted

If everything related to business on the Net weren’t turning topsy turvy every six months or so, Riding Venture Capital from High Tech Start-Up to Breakout IPO ($27, Bloomberg Press, Nov. ’99), would be destined to become a classic how-to on the level of The Joy of Cooking. But with things spinning at Net speed, […]

Visitors to an Alien Planet, Part 3

Grey recently made an entrance at a staff meeting with a well-executed cartwheel and a big smile. She’d taken a piece of Halloween candy from a colleague who jokingly asked her to perform a trick for her treat. “So I did — and it was fun and totally unexpected,” she says. “It wasn’t particularly businesslike, […]

Visitors to an Alien Planet, Part 1

If your workplace is predominately male, going to work each day may feel a little like climbing into a spaceship and blasting off to an alien planet. Even the language can throw you. In business-speak, men are assertive and women are aggressive. Men are proactive. Women are bitchy. And men are confidently determined while women […]