Multiple Profit Centers

As owners, we are operating in an era of intense competition, where member prices are insanely low — often below membership prices charged in the early ’80s. Today’s market is also negatively influenced by large chains with a gas station mentality that have declared a price war using prices artificially supported by speculative money from […]

Secrets of Successful Losers

Take it from 784 losers: you can become thinner. And you can stay thinner, too. The 784 individuals are members of the National Weight Control Registry, an ongoing nationwide panel of individuals who have successfully lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off for at least one year.

Mark’s Journal: Week Four. Part 4

Armand’s Reply Looks like you are back on track with your workout! You had an excellent week and even lost a pound! Weighing yourself on the same day and at the same time is the best way for you to monitor your weight accurately. Try to keep up this routine, but do not get discouraged […]

Mark’s Journal: Week Four. Part 3

None of us are perfect I still have my vices. I say that as I put out my cigarette. Yes, it is true. Mr. Healthkick eat right and exercise still smokes half a pack of cigarettes a day. That is an issue for another day. I have rambled long enough for this week. I trust […]

Mark’s Journal: Week Four. Part 2

Sharon, I will not forget to address your questions. More times than not I do not eat with my family. I start my day much earlier than they do, so I sometimes do not wait and will fix my own dinner. Oftentimes I eat much healthier than they do. I do have to watch myself, […]

Mark’s Journal: Week Four. Part 1

Dear Sharon and Armand, I weighed in at 196 for the week, down 1 pound. I always weigh on Friday mornings as I start my food and exercise log on Friday. I find that my weight is the lowest as soon as I get up before I dress. I did get some pretty good exercise […]

Prostate Cancer Exams

A doctor can detect prostate cancer by performing a rectal examination. A normal prostate is smooth and has a fleshy consistency.

Time Saving Shopping Options From Health Organizations

Two of the most terrifying words in December: holiday shopping. With packed parking lots, crowded streets, overburdened sales staff and herds of frenzied fellow procrastinators, it’s hard to keep the spirit of the season in perspective with a gift list that seems to grow longer as the number of days until they’re to be delivered […]

Browserless branding

As one who aims to keep pushing the tech and creative frontier ever further ahead of the competition-and who already looks back on the great success of the Pong banner as a model of yesteryear (“The ad banner. What a waste,” he sniffs.

Should I walk Farther or Faster?

Is it better to walk fast or walk farther when trying to get into shape?