Armand’s Reply
Looks like you are back on track with your workout! You had an excellent week and even lost a pound! Weighing yourself on the same day and at the same time is the best way for you to monitor your weight accurately. Try to keep up this routine, but do not get discouraged if you have a bad week — it happens, just do not let it stop you.

Doing the intervals was a great idea. It is always important to challenge yourself and give your body more variety. Continuing the same routine day after day only causes your body to become accustomed to it and does not allow you to see the results you want as quickly as you would with the added variety.

The elliptical is a great workout. You can definitely push yourself without the added pounding. Anytime you would like to double up on that is fine. Try to continue with the crunches to tone up your abdominals, you may not see the results right away but as those pounds come off you will be glad you took the time to do them.

As they always say, adding exercise to your day any way you can will only be a benefit. It is great that you threw the pushups in during the commercial breaks on the days you worked out. Do not forget, if you are short on time and do not make it to the gym, adding them in while watching TV will burn more calories then if you just sit through the commercials.

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