Dear Sharon and Armand,
I weighed in at 196 for the week, down 1 pound. I always weigh on Friday mornings as I start my food and exercise log on Friday. I find that my weight is the lowest as soon as I get up before I dress.
I did get some pretty good exercise this week. I picked up the pace on some days to increase my average heart rate and also did some intervals to get up into the high 160′s to 170. I did double up on the elliptical trainer — I enjoy that — and I can get my heart rate up with very little impact compared to jogging. I also did some crunches each day at the gym.

I do some pushups at home in the evenings. Sometimes during a commercial while watching TV, I will drop and do 20 for grins. I guess it’s no big deal; however, it is neat, as I remember when I could not do a pushup.

Well for food this week, what can I say? I made some really bad choices last weekend. My average fat content went through the roof. I eat a lot. I have found you can eat a lot and eat frequently if you make wise choices.

Last week I had several bad choices. I ate too much fast food. I know they serve billions and billions of those things; however, if you look in the line while you are waiting on your turn to consume fat, there are a lot of overweight people in the world. Next week I need to make sure I do not follow the masses. So much for that soap box.

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