Under the above conditions, Hahnemann suggested first the use of an anti-psoric, then an anti-sycotic, and lastly, the anti-syphilitic. This is the exact order that the layers formed in this particular situation. In the next chapter on Syphilis he gives a different order of remedies where an anti-psoric is followed by an anti-syphilitic, because it is a different condition. This demonstrates that Hahnemann’s treatment was individualized and not a fixed order of anti-miasmic remedies.

To prove that a person needed these nosodes, the sequential therapist points to the so-called “healing reactions” these remedies induce. Dr. Elmiger states he has given Psorinum 10M to every client, and found in many who were not psoric that the nosode still triggered the manifold symptoms of psora! Well, If you given Psorinum in 200/1M/10M to everyone on three successive days you are going to produce proving symptoms in many individuals! Is it any surprise that many of the clients undergoing this treatment would manifest “skin eruptions, bronchitis, migraines” and other such symptoms (many of which they never had before)?

Dr. Elmiger also speaks of giving Tuberculinum, Medorrhinum and Syphilinum in the same manner and getting the same “more or less vivid and explosive” reactions. Symptoms that are produced by a primary action of a potentized remedy are no proof that the person “needed” the remedy. Such an experiment only shows that homeopathic remedies are capable of producing symptoms. The symptoms caused by a primary action are signs of an improper dose, partial simillimums and wrong remedies. It is only the conservative, curative, secondary reaction of the vital force that produces true healing effects. Under the controlled direction of the vital force such healing crises are temperate, brief and complete in nature. It is by the careful application of the cardinal homeopathic principles that one attains the “rapid, gentle and permanent cure” elucidated in Aphorism 2 of The Organon.

All of these points demonstrate areas where ST differs greatly from the practice of traditional homeopathy, i.e., the lack of careful analysis of the signs and symptoms produced by homeopathic remedies both in the provings and on the sick as well as the production of unneeded homeopathic aggravations by standardized prescriptions.

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