Sequential Therapy and Anti-miasmic Treatment

After the removal of all of the acquired blockages along the time-line, the sequential therapist begins the treatment of the inherited miasms. It is certainly a theoretical truth that everyone has all of the miasms to one degree or another. Nevertheless, to move from this assumption to the routine use of all the major nosodes on every patient is certainly a great leap. Also, at the same time, it is said in ST that there is a fixed order to the treatment of inherited miasms. First psora is treated with Psorinum, second TB with Tuberculinum, third sycosis with Medorrhinum, and fourth syphilis with Syphilinum. This seems to suppose that the inherited miasms are in some fixed order.

The concept of a fixed order of miasms is a contradiction of the principles on which ST is based, the time-line. How can there be a fixed order of the layers of the inherited miasms when they have also developed in time and space? Certainly, if a father has acquired sycosis, there is the greatest possibility that the inherited effects of the miasm will be observable in his child. This can often be seen in the very physical constitution and mental temperament of the child as well as the symptom syndromes present.

Does this child need Psorinum, then Tuberculinum, and finally Medorrhinum? Certainly not, because as the time-line extends backward through the generations, it must reflect individual mixtures of miasms not fixed program schedules given to everyone. Maybe the child needs Thuja, Natrum sulphuricum, or some other anti-sycotic remedy, rather than a nosode. The assumption that inherited miasms can only be removed by nosodes is unfounded. There are manifold case histories that prove this basic point. Exposing everyone to the exact same series of all the major nosodes has no basis in the time-line nor in the signs and symptoms of the miasmic syndromes.

Sequential therapists maintain that the basis of its fixed series of remedies can be found in Hahnemann’s writings. Although Hahnemann did give directions about the order of treatment of specific miasmic combinations in The Chronic Diseases, he did not give one set of instructions for use in all conditions. The series followed in ST has its origin in Hahnemann’s instructions on how to treat a person with a syphilitic background who contracts sycosis that is suppressed, thus activating latent psora producing a complex disease. This example can be found on the last page of Hahnemann’s discourse on Sycosis.

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