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Five Learning Philosophies

There are five important learning philosophies to succeed in practicing Tai Chi Chuan. Exercise where you live or work. You don’t need to wear special clothes or practice in a special place. Although some spots are highly favorable for their fresh air and lush panorama, it’s not a pre-requisite.

Secrets of Successful Losers

Take it from 784 losers: you can become thinner. And you can stay thinner, too. The 784 individuals are members of the National Weight Control Registry, an ongoing nationwide panel of individuals who have successfully lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off for at least one year.

Three Things to Nurture Your Nature

What writer Patricia Kitchen did to nurture her nature: Rented and watched “Peter Pan,” my favorite movie from childhood. It reminded me of the thrill of traveling and discovering new places.

Visitors to an Alien Planet, Part 3

Grey recently made an entrance at a staff meeting with a well-executed cartwheel and a big smile. She’d taken a piece of Halloween candy from a colleague who jokingly asked her to perform a trick for her treat. “So I did — and it was fun and totally unexpected,” she says. “It wasn’t particularly businesslike, […]

Visitors to an Alien Planet, Part 2

So does Murphy-Baran feel compelled to join in and to be one of the guys? “No way,” says Murphy-Baran, senior vice president of market development at NFL Enterprises (the new business and new technology arm of the National Football League). “There’s no way I’m going to start throwing a ball around. I’d look foolish,” she […]

Visitors to an Alien Planet, Part 1

If your workplace is predominately male, going to work each day may feel a little like climbing into a spaceship and blasting off to an alien planet. Even the language can throw you. In business-speak, men are assertive and women are aggressive. Men are proactive. Women are bitchy. And men are confidently determined while women […]

At Home Massage Routine

If you’re stressed and the idea of a massage sounds like the perfect remedy but isn’t in your budget, an at-home massage can be a cheaper alternative. It’s easy with the right tools, tricks of the trade and, of course, a partner. Have your partner lie down, facing the ceiling. Position a pillow under your […]

Entering the Zone Through Self-Hypnosis

In the first part of this third section on entering the Zone, I described the thumbnail technique. In this second part, I will explore the addition of visualization to the practice of self-hypnosis, and the method I use for rapid induction.