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Lifestyle and mood: Can they all be good days? Part 3

Your internal energy rhythms While American culture seems to believe that we wake up in the morning full of high energy that lasts until evening falls, most of us find we have fairly predictable energy highs and lows throughout the day. Instead of fighting your energy rhythms with too many cups of coffee, accept the […]

Mark’s Journal: Week Four. Part 3

None of us are perfect I still have my vices. I say that as I put out my cigarette. Yes, it is true. Mr. Healthkick eat right and exercise still smokes half a pack of cigarettes a day. That is an issue for another day. I have rambled long enough for this week. I trust […]

Delay in Active Labor or Transition

Sometimes labor gets off to a normal start in early labor (0-3 centimeters), then progress may stop instead of accelerating in the later phases. Active measures must be taken to move off this plateau. It may be the size or position of the baby is causing a delay. If so, position changes and walking may […]

Burti and Other Injured Drivers

If you pulled 21 G’s hitting a wall at work, YOU might consider a career change too. Luciano Burti is still recovering from his nasty accident in Belgium. Docs have told him to rest and he’s now considering his future and might go race in another series.

Tips for the Care of Teeth

Teeth are essential parts of our bodies. Our teeth are essential to digestion, so it’s essential to look after your teeth. Following are some essential tips for taking care of your teeth: Teeth are a vital body part. Our teeth as essential for digestion. Conscientious oral hygiene is essential.