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Gadget Guide

Heading for the great outdoors? The essentials used to be a couple cans of food, a box of matches, and a sleeping bag. However, these days, life in the great outdoors is a lot more complex.

Jail Bait

After weeks of playing with her Boy Toy, Ally has exhausted her own love life, but she certainly hasn’t given up on love. She dives headfirst into someone else’s twisted affair, namely that of a prison inmate. She and Georgia take up a case to get a convicted criminal and his betrothed hitched, which is […]

Play Winning Golf

Golf is the only game in which the player spends 95 percent of his time thinking and 5 percent of his time performing. These percentages make it easy to concentrate on things that do not enhance performance: the last shot, the upcoming shot, the hole to be played later or worse, things unrelated to golf. […]

A Tennis Player’s Diet for Maximum Energy

Inadequate energy can cause an athlete’s performance to suffer: Precision and power declines, speed and strength diminish and the athlete fatigues more rapidly. Inadequate calories, unbalanced and infrequent eating episodes, and less-than-optimal fluid intake can contribute to a lack of energy.

Exercising the Obliques

Are you familiar with the oblique muscles? The obliques are located at the sides of the waist — just where many of us carry a spare tire. The internal and external obliques work together to help you twist, turn and bend to the side. Here are some exercises to help you work your oblique muscles […]

Improving The Lease Process

The concept of leasing has been around the American business community for many years. Although not used extensively in the early years of the PC industry, it is growing rapidly in popularity and may become the dominant funding source for VAR’s and Resellers in the near future.

Gratuitous Digitization

Ad investment on the Net is clearly zooming upward-1997 ad revenues were $906.5 million, a threefold increase from 1996, and are paced to break $1 billion this year, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau-but go to any prominent portal or news site and what do you see winking at you in the margins? More often […]

As Francesca

During the day, Elaine Botkin is a perky, ambitious employee at Poplar & Skeen. She is briskly capable on the job, apparently headed for a juicy promotion and raise. At night, she sits before a computer screen and — as “Francesca” — engages in steamy virtual S&M with “Inez.” The more abjectly degrading (and exciting) […]

After 10 Years Larry is no Longer a Part of the Show

When long time characters leave the show it is like losing a part of your family. You have watched them day after day for years and then one day they are not there any longer. Such is the case with Ryan. He has been with the show for 10 years and now he is gone.

No Bars Held!

Using Cables To Build Perfect Pecs Here’s a great way to work the chest without ever lifting a barbell. This may seem unusual since the bench press is considered the king of chest movements. But bench pressing isn’t always necessary, or even preferable. Training guru Vince Gironda advocated never performing bench presses. He felt they […]