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Getting Married? Don’t Stress!

There’s no doubt that planning a wedding has the potential to become a full-time job. You have to think of everything!! Where will the wedding be held? What about the reception, a dress, invitations, flowers, photographs and much, much more! Then many things to orchestrate for the ‘big day’! Here’s a guide so you don’t […]

Women of a Certain Age

There are those women among us who seem to age effortlessly. They retain their sensuous and intriguing qualities long after their ‘roaring 20s.’ Their names when spoken often evoke a sigh or a knowing smile. These women demonstrate that grace, intelligence and wit are qualities appreciated long after they are told the bloom has left […]

Your Maternity Wardrobe

Today pregnant women have the opportunity to dress the way they want to. Maternity clothing comes in a variety of styles, to suit many personal tastes. Mail-order maternity catalogs expand the options, and many large department stores have maternity boutiques.