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Finding a New Hairdresser

You’d have to be a woman to understand what a traumatic experience I had today. I changed hairdressers. For most women, a hairdresser becomes an advisor, a friend, a touchstone. That’s how my hairdresser was. For 14 years, through thick and thin, we were a team. But now he has been ill and is retiring. […]

Hair Loss in Women

For the past seven years, Kathleen Brannon, 50, of Reno, Nev., has been one frustrated and bewildered woman. Her hair was falling out and she didn’t know why it was happening. Or how she could stop it. As an artist, it wasn’t likely that Brannon would have all the answers. However, her problem was that […]

Seasonal changes

Human hair growth may show seasonal changes at different sites – late spring/early summer growth being maxi mal in temperate climates As mentioned above, evidence that human hair growth varies with season has been noted by many observers. Clear and statistically significant data on seasonal variation have been provided by a study of young Caucasian […]