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Causation. Part 4

Under the above conditions, Hahnemann suggested first the use of an anti-psoric, then an anti-sycotic, and lastly, the anti-syphilitic. This is the exact order that the layers formed in this particular situation. In the next chapter on Syphilis he gives a different order of remedies where an anti-psoric is followed by an anti-syphilitic, because it […]

Causation. Part 3

Sequential Therapy and Anti-miasmic Treatment After the removal of all of the acquired blockages along the time-line, the sequential therapist begins the treatment of the inherited miasms. It is certainly a theoretical truth that everyone has all of the miasms to one degree or another.

Causation. Part 2

We certainly cannot automatically call all of these diverse manifestations “healing reactions.” Neither can we state that if a person didn’t need the remedy, it could not produce any symptoms. Isn’t this contrary to all of the experience gained in the provings of homeopathic remedies on the healthy?

Causation. Part 1

Posology in Sequential Therapy In ST, it is a common practice to administer 200, 1M, and 10M on successive days. This is done with combination remedies and nosodes in a routine manner. In most cases such a dose of high potency mixtures are given once every month based on each “separate” aetiology along the time-line.