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The Calm and Focused Mind

From a very relaxed body state, you can begin to set goals for your sports performance or your life. Goals need to be stated in a positive way for what you want, not what you do not want. Goals are a process initiated and maintained by you. A better goal is to “do your best,” […]

One Pot Balanced Meal!

This is one recipe I have counted on over the years, in order to get my kids to eat all their veggies and get a “completely balanced” meal!

Is It Body Dysmorphic Disorder or Something Else? Part 3

Depressive disorders — Many patients with BDD have low self-esteem, low mood, guilty feelings (often about what they consider their preoccupations about vain and trivial matters), and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. In short, they meet diagnostic criteria for also having serious depressive disorders.

Is It Body Dysmorphic Disorder or Something Else? Part 2

This group, which in some case series may comprise as many as 40 percent, may actually be diagnosed with both BDD and delusional disorder. People with delusional BDD respond to SRI medications about as well as those without delusional characteristics, and may not require the types of antipsychotic medications used to treat delusions in other […]

Is It Body Dysmorphic Disorder or Something Else? Part 1

Body dysmorphic disorder, or BDD, is characterized by certain key and associated features, specifically preoccupying obsessions with a particular body part that the person considers unattractive. These preoccupying obsessions:

Prostate Cancer Exams

A doctor can detect prostate cancer by performing a rectal examination. A normal prostate is smooth and has a fleshy consistency.

Time Saving Shopping Options From Health Organizations

Two of the most terrifying words in December: holiday shopping. With packed parking lots, crowded streets, overburdened sales staff and herds of frenzied fellow procrastinators, it’s hard to keep the spirit of the season in perspective with a gift list that seems to grow longer as the number of days until they’re to be delivered […]

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Finding a New Hairdresser

You’d have to be a woman to understand what a traumatic experience I had today. I changed hairdressers. For most women, a hairdresser becomes an advisor, a friend, a touchstone. That’s how my hairdresser was. For 14 years, through thick and thin, we were a team. But now he has been ill and is retiring. […]

Causation. Part 4

Under the above conditions, Hahnemann suggested first the use of an anti-psoric, then an anti-sycotic, and lastly, the anti-syphilitic. This is the exact order that the layers formed in this particular situation. In the next chapter on Syphilis he gives a different order of remedies where an anti-psoric is followed by an anti-syphilitic, because it […]

Causation. Part 3

Sequential Therapy and Anti-miasmic Treatment After the removal of all of the acquired blockages along the time-line, the sequential therapist begins the treatment of the inherited miasms. It is certainly a theoretical truth that everyone has all of the miasms to one degree or another.