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The Double Edged Sword When a Child is Cut from a Team

One of the toughest situations athletes have to endure is being “cut.” At such times, sports act as a double-edged sword, cutting deep and cutting two ways. Athletes can either be cut from the team by the coach or cut open by a surgeon. They find themselves fearful, anxious or depressed. Some may wonder if […]

Christ-Like. Part 2

An integral theme throughout Christ-Like is the intense bond between an abused mother and her young son who’s forced to witness the beatings but helpless to stop them. He hates her for the addiction she has to the taste of her own blood, hates the man for causing the pain, and hates himself because he […]

Ask the Expert Golf Post 3

I was not thinking about anything mechanical, just visualizing the ball going in the hole! PGA professionals often express this state of mind as “being in the zone”. Before every round of golf, recite, “I’m good enough, smart enough, and dog-gone-it people like me.” The Powers of positive thinking can do wonders to your golf […]

Ask the Expert Golf Post 2

Would you recommend buying the first set of clubs at a department store such as Target or Big5, or is it better to go to a pro? How about golf clothing? Too many golfers are using golf clubs that are incorrectly fitted (this holds true for players of all abilities). It’s like buying a suit […]

Ask the Expert Golf Post 1

What is a good age to start learning golf? And, can you make any suggestions for a father who plays golf and who would like to get his kids started on the path of Tiger Woods?