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Playing the Game

The basic essence of curling is to slide a 40-pound hunk of granite (called a rock in curling lingo) at a target (called a house) painted 140 feet down a sheet of ice. Teams consist of four curlers who each throw two rocks. The team that has its rocks closest to the bull’s-eye (the button) […]

Help for Persistent Shin Splints?

I am in pretty good shape but have a serious problem when it comes to running. For some reason, I have really bad shin splints. I have never had them this bad before, and I have stopped running for a month. I ice them and I stretch, but nothing helps. When I stop running, my […]

Christ-Like. Part 1

by Tammy Stoner Tales from the top (or bottom, depending on your preference) of the NY club scene always raise eyebrows whether plucked, shaved or glittered. These clubs vibrate just out of reach on a strobe-lit Jell-O mold of Mount Olympus, creating legions of Warhol progeny, club kids, ravers, and House children yearning for the […]