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Mark’s Journal: Week Four. Part 1

Dear Sharon and Armand, I weighed in at 196 for the week, down 1 pound. I always weigh on Friday mornings as I start my food and exercise log on Friday. I find that my weight is the lowest as soon as I get up before I dress. I did get some pretty good exercise […]

Should I walk Farther or Faster?

Is it better to walk fast or walk farther when trying to get into shape?

Help for Persistent Shin Splints?

I am in pretty good shape but have a serious problem when it comes to running. For some reason, I have really bad shin splints. I have never had them this bad before, and I have stopped running for a month. I ice them and I stretch, but nothing helps. When I stop running, my […]

Am I doing Abdominal Curls Correctly?

For the past two weeks, I have been riding a stationary bike for 30 minutes at increasing resistance during the 30 minutes. I measure the resistance by the speed I can comfortably maintain — 20 mph at the beginning to 15 mph at the high resistance.

Christ-Like. Part 2

An integral theme throughout Christ-Like is the intense bond between an abused mother and her young son who’s forced to witness the beatings but helpless to stop them. He hates her for the addiction she has to the taste of her own blood, hates the man for causing the pain, and hates himself because he […]

Christ-Like. Part 1

by Tammy Stoner Tales from the top (or bottom, depending on your preference) of the NY club scene always raise eyebrows whether plucked, shaved or glittered. These clubs vibrate just out of reach on a strobe-lit Jell-O mold of Mount Olympus, creating legions of Warhol progeny, club kids, ravers, and House children yearning for the […]

Four Get Fit — Sherry

Weight gain and loss — and gain again — has been a constant part of my life. As a child I struggled with being pleasantly as well as unpleasantly “round.” My weight problems were attributed to a minor hypothyroid condition, a condition that has caused me to be on thyroid medication for most of my […]

Setting the Stage

We’ve all read the research that shows the benefits of cross training and we’ve heard the stories about athletes who achieve incredible success by cross training in the “off” season.

Looking for a Leader

A Pilates-based program, as with many other club programs, will most likely succeed or fail based on its instructors. Enthusiasm, hands-on training and varied experience are key factors to keep in mind when you’re searching for an instructor. It is not critical for instructors to be intimately familiar with the commercial club environment. Although you […]

Choosing a Gym. Part 2

Before you sign up, visit the club at the time and day you expect to attend. This is the only way to see for yourself how crowded it is and who is attending. Ask for a free workout so you can try out the club. It’s probably worth paying a guest fee if you have […]