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The Double Edged Sword When a Child is Cut from a Team

One of the toughest situations athletes have to endure is being “cut.” At such times, sports act as a double-edged sword, cutting deep and cutting two ways. Athletes can either be cut from the team by the coach or cut open by a surgeon. They find themselves fearful, anxious or depressed. Some may wonder if […]

Jim’s Journal: Week 4. Part 3

Hi Jim, Congratulations on your continued success! Without counting fat grams, you have instinctively decreased your fat intake and calories. You are putting good emphasis on protein intake, but remember if you cut too many calories, the protein you eat will be used for energy and not muscle building.

Jim’s Journal: Week 4. Part 2

Congrats on losing the weight — you should treat yourself to a new outfit in a smaller size! You’re doing great with your exeosing the weightrcise, especially your cardio workouts. I like the variety of activities, which help both you stay interested plus enhances your overall fitness by challenging your body in different ways.

Jim’s Journal: Week 4. Part 1

Hey guys, Things are going great! My weight dropped a bit more and my clothes are definitely looser. I had several people notice that I am losing weight. Of course some people think I am getting too thin, but I still have a lot of fat to deal with. I did a body fat analysis […] click here

Playing the Game

The basic essence of curling is to slide a 40-pound hunk of granite (called a rock in curling lingo) at a target (called a house) painted 140 feet down a sheet of ice. Teams consist of four curlers who each throw two rocks. The team that has its rocks closest to the bull’s-eye (the button) […]

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Lifestyle and mood: Can they all be good days? Part 2

Food and mood You probably know people who seem to do fine on a junk-food diet, or sail through the day on only two food groups. Others find themselves extremely sensitive to the composition of their diet. Carbohydrates put them to sleep, sugar knocks them out, too much time between meals sends them into a […]

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Lifestyle and mood: Can they all be good days? Part 1

Lifestyle and mood: Can they all be good days? I go to a high-intensity exercise class every day after work. When I feel overwhelmed and stressed out, it turns my mood completely around, and I feel like a million bucks.”

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Multiple Profit Centers

As owners, we are operating in an era of intense competition, where member prices are insanely low — often below membership prices charged in the early ’80s. Today’s market is also negatively influenced by large chains with a gas station mentality that have declared a price war using prices artificially supported by speculative money from […]

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Mark’s Journal: Week Four. Part 4

Armand’s Reply Looks like you are back on track with your workout! You had an excellent week and even lost a pound! Weighing yourself on the same day and at the same time is the best way for you to monitor your weight accurately. Try to keep up this routine, but do not get discouraged […]

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Mark’s Journal: Week Four. Part 2

Sharon, I will not forget to address your questions. More times than not I do not eat with my family. I start my day much earlier than they do, so I sometimes do not wait and will fix my own dinner. Oftentimes I eat much healthier than they do. I do have to watch myself, […]

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