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Innovation Opportunities. Part 2

Three additional sources of opportunity exist outside a company: demographic changes, changes in perception and new knowledge. Drucker uses an excellent example to explain changes in perception. He notes that whereas Americans’ health has improved in the last 20 years (newborn mortality rates, survival rates for the old, incidence of cancers, etc.), there has never […]

Innovation Opportunities. Part 1

Innovation, according to Peter Drucker, is “the effort to create purposeful, focused change in an enterprise’s economic or social potential.” It is the means, he says, “by which the entrepreneur either creates new wealth-producing resources or endows existing resources with enhanced potential for creating wealth.”

The Schemes of Creativity Enhancement

There is no such thing as a trick or gimmick that will suddenly make you a brilliant writer or artist. “There is no golden road to geometry,” to quote a mis-quote attributed to Aristotle. There are many con artists selling the equivalent of get-rich-quick scheme, which may be called a “get-creative-quick” scheme.

Browserless branding

As one who aims to keep pushing the tech and creative frontier ever further ahead of the competition-and who already looks back on the great success of the Pong banner as a model of yesteryear (“The ad banner. What a waste,” he sniffs.

Certifiable Service!

Even in an industry as young as ours, it seems like an age-old question: Do certifications meet the needs of our trainers and members?

Nature’s Spring

Next, Wright discussed tap water safety. “Why,” she asked, “don’t we think they clean it to the purest drinking form?” A distributor answered: “It costs money.” Wright agreed:

Briefly Noted

If everything related to business on the Net weren’t turning topsy turvy every six months or so, Riding Venture Capital from High Tech Start-Up to Breakout IPO ($27, Bloomberg Press, Nov. ’99), would be destined to become a classic how-to on the level of The Joy of Cooking. But with things spinning at Net speed, […]

Last-Mover Advantage

Digital backwaters are going straight to wireless, leaving the hassle of upgrading legacy copper systems behind. As developing economies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America enter the Digital Age, they’re going to need networks that carry data and voice. Just don’t expect land lines to bear the load.

Interactive Marketing, the Internet, and the Year 2000. Part 2

Internet Technology. If the electronic consumer will be real, we must also be willing to accept that the technology of the Internet will present us much more opportunity by the year 2000.

Interactive Marketing, the Internet, and the Year 2000. Part 1

What will the whole field of interactive marketing be like in the year 2000? It’s always a fun assignment to address this type of question – it can be an opportunity to write an article with fancy visions of the future, one which involves consumers who merrily click buttons on their home PC’s, busy purchasing […]