What is a good age to start learning golf? And, can you make any suggestions for a father who plays golf and who would like to get his kids started on the path of Tiger Woods?

Age? The earlier the better, but the beauty of golf is that it can be taken up at any age. Rule of thumb… if your children can differentiate a golf ball from a flowerbed, they’re ready to go.

In all our years of teaching junior golfers, the kids who have the most fun and who tend to play the best are the ones who want to be there. It’s great to introduce them to the game but let them decide if they enjoy it. In other words, refrain from incantations.

Teach your child to respect the game of golf. It is a game of honor, integrity, strategy and creativity, “a gentleman’s game.”

Teach your child the rules and etiquette of golf. This will make everyone’s golfing experience more pleasurable.

Finally, and most importantly, get them started with a local PGA Professional. That way they can learn the most important tools of the game… THE FUNDAMENTALS. Your child’s understanding of the fundamentals of golf will last a lifetime making their golfing experience less frustrating, more fun, and much more successful.

Does the brand or model of the club really make a difference?

It’s the shaft of the club that is going to make the most difference so get fitted for the shaft that best suits your swing speed. Shafts basically come in 3 different flexes: Stiff, Regular, and Ladies. The greater the swing speed, the stiffer (stronger) the shaft.

What about the size of the club head – doesn’t Callaway have a club on the market called Big Bertha or anything else like that?

Of course there is a bigger “sweet spot” with a larger club head such as the Big Bertha. However, we believe, an old persimmon wood, if hit correctly, would produce the same results.

The advantage of a club such as the “Big Bertha” is the perimeter weighting and center of gravity of the club head. This technology helps golfers keep the club head square at impact, which promotes solid impact and greater accuracy.